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Brow Lift

Avoid looking tired or angry with a brow lift from Gonyon Cosmetic.

As we mature, fine lines, wrinkles, and deep creases can begin to appear on your forehead, creating a sagging brow that can make you look more tired or angry.

While there are some non-surgical cosmetic procedures that can temporarily address these problems, a brow lift procedure can provide long-lasting results.

Your custom brow lift can start today. Dr. Gonyon and our team of medical professionals are standing by to assist you.

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What Is A Brow Lift?

Looking and feeling your very best is important to every aspect of your life. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Denis Gonyon understands how vital a youthful, appealing look is to his patients. He will work closely with you to help you determine if a brow lift can help you achieve your desired look.

Brow Lift surgery - Northern ColoradoNorthern Colorado facial plastic surgeon Dr. Gonyon offers both endoscopic and traditional open brow lifts. The technique that is right for you will depend on the severity of your wrinkling and sagging. Both types of brow lift have the ability to:

  • Restore eyebrows to a more alert, youthful position
  • Remove creases across the forehead and in between the eyes
  • Lift sagging forehead skin into a firmer, more natural position

The extent of your brow lift will depend on many factors including age, overall health, and your lifestyle choices. Smoking, in particular, lends itself to deep wrinkles, and prior to considering a brow lift, you should quit smoking, as the affects not only increase the appearance of aging and wrinkles, but can greatly impact your ability to recover and achieve the results you desire.

If you are interested in a brow lift in the areas of Fort Collins, Longmont, Loveland or Johnstown, Colorado please call (970) 624-7979 or fill out our online contact form  to schedule a complimentary initial consultation with Gonyon Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery today.