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Buttock Augmentation

Butt Augmentation and Butt Implants In Fort Collins, Johnstown, Loveland, and Northern Colorado

If you want to achieve fuller, rounder, more attractive buttocks to feel more confident in tight jeans, skirts, and swimsuits, buttock augmentation might be the right procedure for you.

Although there are muscles in the buttocks, exercising them can only do so much, and for many of us fat just doesn’t go where we want it when we gain weight. But a buttock augmentation can help you achieve the curvaceous figure you desire.

This page contains background information on butt augmentation, both using an implant and using fat grafting, but the best way to learn whether the procedure is for you is in a consultation with Dr. Denis Gonyon. To schedule your body contouring consultation, please call (970) 624-7979 to schedule a complimentary consultation with Gonyon Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Northern Colorado.

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Buttock Augmentation Options

Buttock augmentation is an increasingly popular body contouring procedure. With a decade or more of curvaceous celebrities in the public eye, more women and men are paying attention to walking away in style. There are two options for buttock augmentation available: buttock implants and Brazilian butt augmentation, which uses transplanted fat to improve the appearance of your buttocks.

Buttock implants are similar to breast implants. They are made of a semi-solid silicone, so there’s no risk of rupture and leakage, yet are a more solid form to better mimic the more muscular buttocks tissue, giving firmness as well as volume.

What Is the 'Brazilian Butt Lift'?

Brazilian butt augmentation is a popular procedure because it utilizes your own fat. Fat is removed from areas where you do not want it using liposuction. The fat is cleaned and treated and then injected into your buttocks. Very small injections are used to precisely sculpt the appearance of your buttocks and improve the survival rate of grafted fat. It may take more than one procedure to get the results you desire, but once you achieve those results, they are permanent.

Our Dedication to You

At Gonyon Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to you. During your initial consultation, we will listen to your cosmetic goals and make sure you understand your buttock augmentation options so that you can achieve the results you desire. To begin thinking about the results you might be able to achieve and understand why so many patients choose Dr. Denis Gonyon for buttock augmentation, please view our before and after gallery.

To learn more about buttock augmentation, please contact Gonyon Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Northern Colorado online or by phone at (970) 624-7979 to schedule a consultation; serving the areas of Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont and Johnstown.