Top Plastic Surgery Procedures and Non-Surgical MedSpa Procedures for Winter

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While many people are getting ready for winter weather in their homes and preparing for the holidays, our staff at Gonyon Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery are getting ready for our busiest time of year.   Our surgery center and MedSpa schedule is packed this time of year for several reasons.

Because many people have time off around the holidays from work, patients like to book their cosmetic procedures around that time off.  It helps lessen the recovery planning and can make having help during the initial recovery phase easier to accommodate.  Our busiest times are immediately before the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years holidays.

Health care in general is busier at the end of the year.  Deductibles usually coincide with the calendar year’s beginning and end.  Our Breast Cancer Reconstruction patients usually hope to schedule the final steps of the reconstructive process during this time and we do everything we can to accommodate them.

For many of our in-office or non-surgical patients, the fall is the perfect time to get their skin Holiday ready.  Everyone wants to look great and feel great during the obligatory family photos that accompany all family gatherings.  With our non-surgical options like Obagi skin care, wrinkle treatments, Juvederm fillers, Microneedling and chemical peels, we can get you looking and feeling great.

November and December are time to wrap things up for the year.  Most people start the year with big plans and New Year’s resolutions.  But, let’s face it.  The years end come quicker than we expect.  We hear from a lot of our clients that scheduling their treatment was a goal they set for themselves and they want to check it off their list before the end of the year.

Between office parties and family dinners, winter months and holidays usually mean we all eat a little less healthy.  That break in our normal habits can make our skin and body feel sluggish. Our Vitamin Therapy injections and infusions are a perfect way to help keep your body’s chemistry aligned with no down time.

Winter weather is a natural time to settle in, get cozy by the fire and recover.  Cool temperatures mean sweater weather, warm blankets and staying inside.  This makes winter is a great opportunity to recover from an office procedure, non-surgical treatment or surgery.   Treatments during winter allow incisions to heal and recovery to be complete by the summer bathing suit season.

We’re here to help you accomplish your winter goals.  Want to find out your treatment options? Contact us for a complimentary cosmetic surgery consult or non-surgical MedSpa consult TODAY!


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