Skin Care When You Turn 30

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Skin Care Routine

30 is just a number! But if you have reached the third decade of your life, you may be wondering how you can adjust your skin care routine. The products you used in your teen years and 20s may no longer appeal to you, and you may have new concerns related to wrinkles and sun damage. It is never too late to start caring for your skin.

Here are some of the main ways you should nourish your skin in your 30s:

  • Use a gentle cleanser. At a minimum, you should use a cleanser to remove makeup and debris before you go to bed. You may also want to use it in the morning. Gentle cleansers do not strip your face of natural oils, which are important to a dewy, youthful and healthy facial appearance.
  • Use a retinoid product. These products fight breakouts and wrinkles. They also have been shown to increase collagen production, leading to a smoother, firmer facial appearance.
  • Don’t forget sun protection. Sun protection is essential! Damaging UV rays cause dark spots, sagging and wrinkles, as well as increasing your risk for skin cancer. You may not yet be noticing the effect of sun damage, but it will only worsen as you grow older if you don’t take steps to protect yourself. Consider using an SPF-rated facial moisturizer daily. On days outside, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen or sunblock.

Each person has unique skin, and you can rely on board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Denis Gonyon to make individualized skin care recommendations for you. To schedule your consultation, please call our experienced staff at 970-624-7979. We are proud to serve areas across Northern Colorado and the area.

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