How to evaluate your Plastic Surgeon

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When meeting a plastic surgeon for the first time, ask about and evaluate the following aspects of his or her credentials:

  • Board certification. The American Board of Plastic Surgery certifies plastic surgeons, which tells you that the surgeon has met a high level of specialization and experience, and has a mastery of related knowledge and skills.
  • Experience. How many years has the surgeon been performing plastic surgery? You will have to decide for yourself how experienced you want your surgeon to be, but generally most people are comfortable with a plastic surgeon who has at least several years of experience in the field.
  • Surgical facilities. Is surgery performed at the hospital, an on-suite surgical suite, or in an ambulatory surgical center? Ask the plastic surgeon about standards for sterility and how the surgical facilities are equipped for your safety.
  • Past results. Your plastic surgeon should have before-and-after photos to show you of the procedure in which you are interested. Although you should not expect your results to look exactly like someone else’s, these photos can give you a good idea of what the plastic surgeon is capable of achieving.
  • Patient reviews. Can you find reviews of the plastic surgeon online? Is there a mix of positive and negative reviews, or are they mostly negative?

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