How far would you go to pay for your breast implants?

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Have you heard about the website It was new to us and so we wanted to find out more information! says they are a “social funding company” that provides the only “no-cost” option for cosmetic surgery. Women can “fundraise” in a social-networking type forum with men (also known as benefactors or donors) to help get their breast augmentation surgery for free. Women are encouraged to set goals and work at their own pace, while the donors can interact with the women and contribute donations of any amount to receive photos, videos, messages and “everlasting gratitude.”

Now this may sound like a great option, but what concerned us is that we met a young woman who was not just interacting online, but rather meeting men in person. The more you look into the website, the more you learn about how the donors “interact” with the women by negotiating for photos, private videos and more.

Then we tried to take a look at who the surgeons were; the young woman we met said that she didn’t know who she was seeing until the week before her scheduled surgery. There were a lot of surgeons listed on, but we stress that you should look for a board certified plastic surgeon when making this decision, as well as stress the importance of meeting your surgeon ahead of time to make sure you are comfortable with the surgeon, staff and facility.

We understand that when it comes to cosmetic surgery, finances can be a big factor, but we would not recommend two very important things: Meet your surgeon well in advance and do not seek out unknown financial resources. Dr. Gonyon is not only a board certified plastic surgeon, but with our private, onsite certified surgery facility you can be assured of our commitment to you to provide the results you desire.

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