Can Exercise cause Sagging Skin?

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At our plastic surgery practice, we know how women and men alike can become unhappy with certain physical changes over time. In fact, many of these changes may be influenced by your active lifestyle. Although we encourage all types of healthy exercise and activity, we can also help you choose certain surgical and non-surgical cosmetic solutions to the effects of high intensity activities. Some of the things that can happen as a result of exercising over the years include:

UV damage: Cycling, running, rock climbing – they all typically involve getting active outdoors in the sun. Exposure to UV rays can cause skin sagging, age spots, and possibly skin cancer in serious situations. Even when you wear sunscreen diligently, some amount of radiation can reach your skin.

Sagging skin: Activities like running can cause wrinkles by both the force exerted on your skin and the sometimes rapid loss of fat beneath the skin. When you lose a lot of fat – particularly in areas like your face – your skin can look deflated and saggy because of the lack of supportive volume.

Sagging breasts: High-impact sports such as running place a lot of strain on the supportive ligaments and tissues of your breasts. Make sure you have a sports bra that fits you right and provides enough support for your sport.

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