Benefits of Juvederm for Lip Augmentation

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A model displays beautiful, voluptuous lips | Fort Collins Juvederm offers our Fort Collins patients the ability to conveniently manage facial wrinkles and fine lines for a fraction of the cost of a traditional facelift.  However, Juvederm doesn’t only reduce wrinkles, it restores your face’s youthful contours by replacing volume lost through natural aging.

In addition to eliminating wrinkles by filling in fine lines, Dr. Gonyon utilizes Juvederm’s volumizing abilities for temporary lip augmentation, giving thin, flat lips a plump, luscious appearance.

Some benefits of using Juvederm for lip augmentation include:

  • Natural look:  Juvederm contains a consistency gel that produces a full, realistic look.
  • Instant activation: The volumizing effects of Juvederm are apparent almost immediately after being applied in the desired areas.
  • Long lasting, but not permanent, results: Juvederm results can last for nearly a year before a repeated treatment is necessary. For some, the impermanence of the procedure is an attractive benefit, in case they fall out of love with their new look.
  • Safe and easy procedure: Although facelifts are generally very safe procedures, Juvederm treatment is an appealing alternative for those strictly seeking a non-surgical procedure. The treatment itself usually only takes about half an hour.
  • Minimal downtime. Recovery from Juvederm treatment is remarkably quick. Some people even get their procedures performed during their lunch breaks.

Depending on your individual goals, a more permanent lip augmentation solution, such as PermaLip silicone lip implants might better suit your needs. Dr. Gonyon will assess your situation and recommend the best solution during your initial consultation.

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