6 Questions You May Have About Kybella®

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Kybella chin injections Fort Collins CO
1. Is Kybella® safe? Kybella® underwent two clinical trials (involving 1,022 participants) to test its safety and effectiveness. In 2015, the US Food and Drug Administration approved Kybella® as safe and effective for treating sub-mental (under the chin) fullness. It has not been tested for other areas of the body.

There is a possibility for some mild side effects. Dr. Denis Gonyon will make sure you are a good candidate for Kybella® before recommending the treatment.

2. But how can I make sure it’s as safe as possible? Choose a licensed healthcare professional to provide the injections. By choosing a cosmetic specialist like Dr. Gonyon, you are choosing a physician with an eye for optimizing aesthetics and attractiveness.

3. Will it fix my sagging skin? Kybella has not been tested for how it treats sagging. You can infer just by the way it works – by destroying fat cells – that it will not really affect the tightness of your skin; however, patients with very minimal sag may notice a return to tighter skin as a result of fat reduction in the area.

4. When will I see the effect of the injections? It varies by person. But it will take some time for your body to metabolize and basically rid itself of the destroyed fat cells. Dr. Gonyon can provide a timeline once he assesses the fat. It can take several weeks to see improvement after the injections.

5. How many injection appointments will I need? A number of injection sessions will be recommended depending on the volume and condition of the excess fat. Anywhere from 1 to 6 appointments may be suggested to get the desired effect.

6. How much will it cost? Call our office for a personalized estimate. Once Dr. Gonyon has examined your chin area and discussed your goals with you, he can recommend Kybella® or another treatment to achieve your goals. Then our office will supply you with a cost estimate and explain your financing options.

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