5 Ways Autumn Affects Your Skin

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Autumn welcomes the return of cozy sweaters and steaming beverages, but it also means that the time has come to switch up your skin care routine, especially in a climate like Fort Collins. In order to properly face the challenges ahead, it’s important to know what changes are coming.

Here are five common changes your skin will encounter as the temperature begins to drop:

Change #1: Your skin may be dry. As you pack your summer clothes for storage during the cold months ahead, be sure to throw your bar of soap into the box as well. Cooler weather requires a gentle cleanser that hydrates your skin.

Change #2: Your skin may be sensitive. As the temperature plummets, go easy on your skin. Avoid aggressive exfoliating sessions, and opt instead for gentle moisturizing and cleansing.

Change #3: Your skin may be sun damaged. Regardless of whether you spent the summer at the pool or in our beautiful Colorado mountains, you have sun damage. Seek hydrators with salicylic acids to clean out your sun-dilated pores.

Change #4: Your skin may be vulnerable to even more sun damage. The Colorado UV index is consistently high, no matter which season we’re experiencing. So even if it feels odd to do on a cool, cloudy day, slather on the sunscreen.

Change #5: Your skin may suffer from poor circulation. Blood vessels constrict during cold snaps, hindering normal circulation and giving your skin a sallow complexion. Antioxidants such as peppermint, ginseng extract and rosemary can help your skin regain its natural glow.

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